DNS pointing to old IP host

Not really, pausing is the right approach in this context. Then you can fix the server, which will only take a few moments anyhow. I’d refer back to what @domjh and @epic.network already wrote.

Setting to flexible in the right context for me. I want SSL to run and I’ll spend the time when I’m home.

You simply need to know that your whole site is insecure and there is no encryption.

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It’s the same if I pause it. I understand.

Cloudflare was pointing to my old site on HTTPS for 6 hours, so I deleted that old site. Then the error appears, so I switch on flexible knowing what you are saying, it does not effect me.

What I have done has worked great me, I’m happy with the solution. When I’m home, I will fix it, but I’m not stressed and feel happy.

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