DNS pointing at wrong IP?

Changed name servers to Cloudflare, but the DNS is resolving thevintagekitchenstore.co.uk to two IP addresses: and - so I’m getting 404s instead of the homepage. Screenshot below shows some servers that have the correct IP (because they haven’t caught up with the DNS change yet): SSL is off at present (no cert on the origin server either). Any suggestions on how to fix this, please?

This is by design and therefore intended. Your origin IP is hidden behind Cloudflare’s IPs.

Are you on a shared host or is it a dedicated server with a dedicated IP just for you?

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Hi Mark - ah, of course, thanks! Yep, it’s a shared host - moving from one shared server to another and trying to add Cloudflare in at the same time. Both servers are with the same host though, so I think I’ve seen something like this before (without Cloudflare in that case), that turned out to be a conflict in their zone files. The unexpected IPs threw me, but I’ll look at it again from that angle and see where I get to. :slight_smile:


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