DNS pointed to wrong IP address

I just turned CF on for a new site and DNS is resolving to CF servers but the IP address is completely wrong. Never seen this before.


I guess it could still be propagating, but it is pointing to CF with 5m TTL…

Looks like it is setup correctly with Cloudflare.

What IP are we talking about here? The one in your A record?

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The A record IP address is right, but the site is not resolving.

When I do a DNS lookup, I see [] — that’s not the right address (obviously)

That is a Cloudflare IP address. This is expected. Cloudflare masks the IP of your site when it is set to :orange: so a lookup will return their IP, not yours.

OK – well that solves that mystery – thanks.

But of course now I am REALLY confused. Because I expect the site to resolve as everything looks fine. Any thought on what the issue might be?

There is a Too Many Redirects error. Do you have your SSL mode set to Flexible?

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I do – currently set to Flexible.

This is likely to cause the issue [There are ways to solve it but changing modes is better]. Have you (or can you) install an SSL certificate on your hosting provider’s server? You will then be able to set it to Full or Full (Strict) which is likely to solve the issue as well as being far more secure.

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I’ll pursue that. Thanks.

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Thanks man – throwing a cert on there fixed the problem.

No problem, if it is a valid cert, just set the mode to Full (Strict) and if it is self signed, set it to Full.

Glad it helped! :slightly_smiling_face:

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