Dns - plugin - resolving for better performance

we have used the Cloudflare plugin and it states we have integrated properly as no detail says otherwise, but on the Cloudflare account settings, it says we need to update the nameservers…so couple questions, are we integrated with Cloudflare and 2nd question, how do we integrate using the nameserver settings without losing our hosting provider which hosts our site?

the site is livecofriendly dot com and it loads on our side, but other users have stated it doesn’t load and others say it isn’t mobile friendly,but after we do testing, it loads properly after a minutes…please help

That domain is currently using Bluehost’s nameservers so is not on your Cloudflare setup.

You just need to make sure all the correct DNS settings are copied over from Bluehost to Cloudflare before you switch.

These are issues you should address before you make the change to Cloudflare’s nameservers. Currently your site is not using Cloudflare and issues like this should be easier to diagnose without the proxy. Once the domain is working as expected then change the nameservers to get the Cloudflare benefits.

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can you send the url so we can properly configure it please (copying the bluehost settings to Cloudflare)…we can change the nameservers to Cloudflare no problem.

If Bluehost allow you to export a BIND file then you can import it:

Otherwise you will have to manually check that the records are correct and add any that are missing.

thank you

the livecofriendly site can’t connected to Cloudflare because my registrer is different from my hosting provider…i changed the dns on the registrar to reflect Cloudflare and then thought about it, if it is connected to Cloudflare, though the domain is connected is connected to Cloudflare, the website’s content is not, (it is on the hosting provider)

any thoughts or suggestions?

Plenty of people use different registrars and hosting and still use Cloudflare. While it may seem that way, nameservers do not determine where a site it hosted, DNS does.

Hosts often make it seamless and handle DNS automatically so it seems like the nameservers mean that’s the host. You can point the nameservers to anywhere as long as the nameservers respond with the right records to point to your host.

Just think of it as an extra step, Registrar → Cloudflare → Host.

Registrar → Cloudflare = Nameservers
Cloudflare → Host = DNS records

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i see what you mean, however, how would I be able to manage my site if its content management system is based on the hosting provider, would it actually render/load/managable?

domain name → Cloudflare
Cloudflare ->host
but what about when I need to manage the site and it’s basic operational mode was from the hosting provider (it would load through Cloudflare?) (sorry if technical terms aren’t proper)

does Cloudflare simply have a hosting plan like my original host provider where I can install wordpress?

In answer to your questions in order:

  1. Yes, that’s correct. You can access the Wordpress management interface through Cloudflare. Cloudflare wouldn’t be your host, they’d just basically “direct” your traffic through.
  2. No, Cloudflare is not a web host in the traditional sense and doesn’t host Wordpress.
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  1. ok, thank you
  2. can you see about Cloudflare simply buying out a hosting provider? there are hundreds of sale on the , mergerscorp dotcom /property-type/hosting-businesses/ so then we can host our sites on Cloudflare and they can cross connect their backend, it makes it easier as well as it seems Cloudflare has become a pivotal company in the world of the internet.

Cloudflare’s business model isn’t to host websites.

Regardless of whether they could (they do own hundreds of servers around the globe), they just don’t provide those kind of services.

Think of it like a hardware store versus a grocery store: they both sell items, but you won’t find nails and a screwdriver at the grocery store.

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how do i point the Cloudflare settings towards the bluehost so i can load my site/manage?

is there a link or tutorial?

Bluehost has one: https://www.bluehost.com/help/article/cloud-flare-guide

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