Dns ping requests not responding to dns only but it working on proxied

hello, guess you can call me sort of new to the more advance networking side of things.

ive setup a webhost with nginx on my server which was functional for about a week with no issues, unfortuantly i didnt get around to the chance to proxy the address connoection so it was running dns only.

this has no become unresponsive to ping requests or loading on a web page.

ping requests work when the sub domain is proxied but as soon as its dns only i get no response would love some help please.

thanks for your time.

If the record is set to DNS only all requests go straight to your server and if your server does not respond I am afraid you will need to clarify this with your host as Cloudflare won’t be involved here.

oh im aware but i cant declear the host currently becuase its pointed to my public ip address i can try setting it to the servers adress but i dont think it will do much for me at the moment.

Yeah, you need to make sure the correct address is configured and contact the responsible person if it does not respond properly.

found the issue thanks for the help.

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