Dns performance with/without "premium dns" from namecheap

Hello there, I’m a bit curious as to any performance gains/losses if you were to use premium dns from namecheap and paired that with Cloudflare.

So out of curiosity, has anyone using namecheap bought “premium dns” and then hooked it up to Cloudflare? If so, did you notice any gains losses from it compared to just using regular namecheap dns along with Cloudflare?

That would not work as you have to switch to Cloudflare’s nameservers.

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Oh ok, thanks for the heads up.

Unless you’re on a partner setup with your host, I believe… But every partner setup is different so we generally can’t help much here with that.

In that case you’d be on that partner’s nameservers though and Namecheap is not a partner AFAIK.

Another alternative would be a Business account of course.

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I just saw this and presumed.

https://www.namecheap.com/support/Help Center/article.aspx/1191/2210/how-to-enable-Cloudflare-for-your-domain-name

But yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good point, they might offer that. No idea. @avalanch07, you best contact Namecheap’s support in this regard.

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Just had a quick chat with Namecheap’s support according to which they are not a Cloudflare partner. Apparently they had some plugin at some point, no idea if that refers to some actual plugin or if they ever were a partner, but they do not offer that any longer at this point.

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