Dns pending


i have updated nameserver correctly still the website is waiting from last 4 days it shows dns request pending domain name is webdesigneranddeveloper.tk and name servers are connie.ns.cloudflare.com

help me out plzzz


If those two are the name servers that were assigned to you during the signup
they are correct.

Dis you set any DNS Records for this domain?


nooo i did not set any dns record


You need to. Otherwise your page will not work.

Add an A record
for your root (webdesigneranddeveloper.tk)
and for www.

Point them to your server’s IP address.


how to do that please tell me


Hi, I’m also waiting for my site to be active. The DNS on Cloudflare say its hosted at Bluehost and Bluehost says All is pointed here (cloudflare). So I cannot add anything in the DNS, but the host Bluehost did confirm that all is good. Still no site though, but maybe you could ask your other host? Before you start messing up, as is often the case with me.


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