DNS page UI

The new DNS management page on Cloudflare is nice and shiny, but I strenuously object to the fact that changes can be made without a confirmation step. There are two UX problems with this:

  1. DNS changes can have enormous impacts on applications. Having a change take place because you typed one letter in a box and then clicked out of the box is an immensely error-prone procedure. Any changes made to my DNS config should require a confirmation step which explicitly details what will change. Sure, it’s “clean” or “convenient” to not have that, but this is DNS management: precision is orders of magnitude more important than ease of use.

  2. When changes ARE made, there is NOTHING to indicate that the change has been saved. No swirly indicator, no checkmark, nothing. This means that it’s possible, if one is being fat-fingered for the moment, to make an inadvertent change, and then have absolutely no indication that it happened. It would be easy to miss.

Please, for the love of Odin, change this.

Sounds reasonable



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