DNS page rule problem non-www to www

Hello all,
My website is working as expected when typing grupoexpandir.com.br, www.grupoexpandir.com.br, http://www.grupoexpandir.com.br and https://www.grupoexpandir.com.br.

BUT when http://grupoexpandir.com.br and https://grupoexpandir.com.br it does not load…

I have on my DNS only a CNAME record www, SSL/TLS on “Full” and “Always use https” to true and as i tried to search the web i see people making a page rule from https://grupoexpandir.com.br to https://www.grupoexpandir.com.br but it does not work… Can someone help me debug this?

You dont have a DNS record for your naked domain. Check out Redirect example.com to www.example.com.

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Thank you

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