DNS Overwrite

I have a client who doesn’t have access to the management of his domain. The person who made his site refuses to pass on the accesses. Is there any possibility of using cloudflare to “overwrite” these records? I need to change this dns address to another server

Does he have access to the domain registration? If yes, then you can change the nameservers set there to take control of the DNS.

If no, then you are out luck.

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No, we don’t have access to domain management. It’s all up to the person who made the site and bought the domain in their name.

I’m trying to negotiate directly with this person, but it’s difficult. That’s why I thought I’d use some kind of dns overwrite. But I don’t think that will be possible for obvious security reasons.

But if anyone has an idea of how I can solve this in another way, I’m open to these suggestions

Your only options are:

  • negotiations or legal action to establish and allocate ownership of the domain name
  • use another domain name
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