DNS over TLS or WARP?

Hello from Germany!

I just subscribed to WARP+ and wonder which is better: DNS over TLS or DNS over WARP?
In my router at home I use with DoT, but in the app I have the choice between AUTO (DNS over WARP), DoH or DoT.

Internet security is the most important thing to me.
What exactly is the difference between DNS over WARP and DoT?

With Warp+ enabled, I don’t believe there is any difference at all.

Unfortunately, faith is not knowing. ^^
Maybe someone else here has a more specific answer for me?

My thought:
Only AUTO (DNS over WARP) will speed up requests even more.

It doesn’t matter, either way the requests go to the same place and are handled by the same servers. I’m not even clear if the DoH vs TLS even does anything when the Warp tunnel is active.


If I may be honest: the answers are not yet enough to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

If it makes no difference, why does cloudflare-dns.com/help even distinguish between the three possibilities?
After all, the site recognizes exactly what you are using.

I would like to ask this question to a Cloudflare technician but I did not find an e-mail address.

The option makes a difference when you are not using Warp, in which case the app provides a VPN just to implement DNS service, without tunneling any traffic. In this case, DoT and DoH look quite different to a network operator, and can interact with firewalls differently.

Within the context of a Warp tunnel, it still changes the protocol, but the results should be the same.

Thank you very much, I’m slowly getting behind it and I understand.