DNS over TLS - IPv6?

According to the Gateway documentation here:

It only appears that this will work with IPv4. Am I missing something?


I’ve not analyzed connections, but it offers a personalized IPv6 address and hostname. Why does it seem like it’s IPv4-Only?

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On the setup instructions for DNS over TLS (referenced in the original post) it only offer an IPv4 address as the destination. I assume this means there is not an IPv6 option yet but I was not sure I was seeing the entire picture.

Step 4 shows an IPv6 address. Even my settings show IPv6 as in the example.

Thanks for the follow up. I had originally tried these settings and they did not work. Then after some searching I found this thread:

This mentioned the directions I referenced earlier in the thread. I had asked in that thread about IPv6 support but the thread closed without an answer.

I will try the settings you reference again.