DNS over TLS ESNI isn't encrypted

Hey Guys I need some help here, Finally I enabled DNS over TLS in my android and verified it through

But when I check the DOT status using ESNI checker (Cloudflare ESNI Checker | Cloudflare)

Its showing that my ESNI isn’t encrypted ( Your browser did not encrypt the SNI when visiting this page)

Anyone please help me to enable it?
Thanks in advance.

NB: I really don’t like ISP spying on my traffic.

I presume you are not using Firefox on Android. In that case you wouldn’t have support for it to begin with, as Chrome does not support it at all so far. You’d need to use Firefox for that → https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.firefox, though check if Firefox on Android does support it, as it still requires a manual change on desktop as well, via network.dns.echconfig.enabled (ECH that is).

Also, ESNI has been succeeded by ECH (Encrypted Client Hello).


Hey Guys,
Is there a way to enable DOT with ESNI support in windows 10, or in Brave browser?

Please Help me.

Plus, ECH only works on TLS 1.3, so you might have to use ESNI but that still requires Firefox.

Also note that DoT is only for the domain lookup. ESNI is between your browser and the server. Those are different things.

will my internet speed get slower if I enable DOT or ESNI?
Because I feel it’s a bit slow now.

Not at all. Neither has to do with the “speed” or throughput of you connection. DoT could potentially increase the latency of a name lookup, but that will be A) unlikely and B) negligible.

What could be is that you are routed to servers farther away because Cloudflare does not support ECS and hence a site owner would route you to a default server rather than the nearest country-specific one, but that would apply only to particular sites and if you just switched from your ISP’s resolvers to Cloudflare.

so I need ESNI to hide my traffic from ISP which can only be used in Mozilla as for now, right?
Does DOH have any protection?

Neither really hides anything. Even if HTTPS is encrypted, it typically transferred the hostname in plain text and that’s where ESNI and ECH come in. Do* on the other hand make sure your DNS queries are encrypted.

If you want to know more about it I’d start at Wikipedia for details.

That’s all mostly hostname related.

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