DNS over SMS doesn't work with domains containing dashes


I was playing with the DNS-over-SMS service and I think I’ve found a bug.

When I SMS the US endpoint (+1(833)672-1001) a query for a name containing a dash (e.g. “NS Cloudflare-dns.com”) I get back a response as if I had asked about everything after the dash (e.g. “m1.dns.com. m2.dns.com. is a partnership between Cloudflare and APNIC.”, which is correct for dns.com, not Cloudflare-dns.com).

I imagine the SLA for anything documented under a “Fun with X” heading is something along the lines of “if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces” but thought I’d report it anyway.

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I’ll let the team know and post back once I get an update. Thank you!

Edit - I do see some movement on this issue, will post back when I see it hit the schedule.

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I was also able to reproduce this bug using the email-to-DNS gateway at [email protected]

It’s almost a year since this bug was reported and it’s still there :frowning:

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“Bug” :smile:

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