DNS over HTTPS not working Nov-26-2019

mjsuhonos. Where did you initially place the support ticket? Do you get a reference number?

This issue only affects the script and does not appear to stop DOH operation. the current Data centre yyx DOH DNS [ is still not working.

That contradicts your own statements as well as your own debug output.

The reason I know only the is affected is Firefox about:networking#dns
entries which shows all web sites visited as TRR= true

So are you now saying DoH actually works and only the status page has some glitch?

That would be a sudden turn of narrative. Also your earlier debug output would not confirm that either.

I dont’ know what you think your reading. But I clearly said on Nov-26 the following

" The TRR value for all sites is true which means Firefox is using DOH."

How is that relevant?

You said DoH is not working and debugging seemed to confirm that. Now you suddenly seem to claim that DoH actually works but something on that one URL isnt working.

What is it?

I initially attempted to contact support via the contact Cloudflare Support link at the top this page; it never submitted successfully.

Subsequently, I emailed support and referred them to this discussion thread, and received an automated response.

I’ve made some changes to my DNS infrastructure as a result and may or may not continue using the Cloudflare DNS servers.

It would be important to follow up/respond to that response, as automated responses usually close the ticket.

Yeah, I’m fine to let the ticket lapse as I’m no longer affected by this issue.

The problem still exists for my network as of Dec-1-2019. The script is not reporting DOH operation correctly but Firefox TRR values how otherwise.

ISP Vmedia, public IP

Connected to No
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) No
Using DNS over TLS (DoT) No
Using DNS over WARP No
AS Name Cloudflare
AS Number 13335
Cloudflare Data Center YYZ

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here.

  1. You do not seem to address the questions and advice you are getting. You actually ignore them.
  2. Continuously posting status “updates” here without taking action wont change much.

Today Dec-2-2019 cloudflares connection information shows data center of Columbus ohio instead of YYZ. Also no https copy script.

Alright, can you now confirm that - contrary to your original message - you are not having an issue with DoH but the whole issue is about the status page?

Also, post the number of the support ticket you opened.

I am located in Toronto Canada. The airport should be YYZ !
I have another torum called “DNS over HTTPS not working Nov-26-2019” that was closed before the 30 day expire period.

Sandro also replied to that as he falsely marked this issue solved.

This thread was set to auto-close as you did not react to any responses and questions any more. It has been reopened now but if you want a discussion you need to react to what people write, so please address the previous questions and act on what has been suggested so far.

Dec-5-2019 Here is what YYZ Toronto, Canada connections information reports.

As I wrote earlier, these “status updates” are pretty useless.

Are you finally able to address all of these responses?

If not, there really is no point in this entire thread, no offence.

I stress again

@user578, another 24 hours have passed without a reaction from your side. Plus, it has been a week(!) since the original replies.

As I said earlier, it is not clear what you are trying to achieve with this thread and if you are actually even looking for assistance. Continuously posting “status updates” of a vague undefined issue in a sort of monologue while ignoring responses, suggestions, and questions is not helping you nor the community and really is not the purpose of a forum.

I am afraid this thread is again scheduled to close in 24 hours. Should you nonetheless want to engage in a discussion, please finally address the mentioned points - in particular the nature of the problem in the first place and the support ticket number - as otherwise the community clearly is not the right place and you best contact support should you actually experience an issue.

I have found that the web site http://www.pbssystems.com does not revolve under D.O.H. This issue has not been reolsved in the YYZ, Toronto Canada area.