Dns-over-https / dns-over-tls mobileprofile on big sur; apple silicon doesn't work?

I have a cloudflare doh mobileprofile (found here: GitHub - paulmillr/encrypted-dns: Configuration profiles for DNS HTTPS and DNS over TLS for iOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur) installed and enabled in Sysem Preferences/Profiles on 4 macs. Three intel macs and one m1 air. The air fails the cloudflare test for ‘secure dns’ (first checkmark on this page → Cloudflare ESNI Checker | Cloudflare).

1 intel imac pro - works

1 intel macbook pro - works

1 intel air - works

1 m1 air - does not work

I’ve also tried DNS-over-TLS and the m1 does not respect that either.

Has anyone else figured out how to get the dns over https/tls mobileprofile’s working on m1’s?

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