DNS-over-HTTPS Chrome OS Enterprise

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to set DNS-over-HTTPS for a Chromebook deployment managed via ChromeOS Enterprise Upgrade. It’s pretty dope, btw, I encourage you to check it out yourselves.

I’ve added some Chromebooks and ChromeOS flashed PCs and Macs (all working properly) and they are all receiving the ChromeOS policies from the Google Admin Console.

Now, I’m trying to secure the enterprise network via DNS-over-HTTPS, since I can roll this out from the Admin Console, but with no success. I have noticed two things and maybe a bug?

The Docs give some options to add devices. I tested both WARP ( installed and logged in to Teams and DNS-over-HTTPS. When the WARP client is active it all seemed to work properly and the device was ENROLLED to the Cloudflare for Teams Dashboard. I reverted this setting and removed the device to test again., now without the client.

I am able to push the DNS-over-HTTPS policy over Google Admin Console easily with DoH of the default location and it seems to resolve properly (according to, it is connected. HOWEVER, the device IS NOT ENROLLED as a DEVICE and I cannot see it in my Cloudflare for Teams Dashboard.

Any ideas?


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