DNS or IP problems not found



hello Cloudflare team, thanks for the great service they have given me, they are incredible, but I want to report that I have a DNS problem or Ip address not found. There were times when trying to access the site I see the following screen.

How can I avoid this, solve or some way to correct it? only happens to me or my other users have this problem … this happens sporadically, I do not know if the problems with the lines of my country (Venezuela) or just my PC.


thanks cloudflare team


When did you start using Cloudflare for this website?

DNS looks good to me.


I think the problem is with my internet service, because when the error occurs, it happens in other pages, and when requesting DNS problems from the default Windows settings, it is solved in most of the cases.

thank you in any case, but if you have some advice to avoid this, it will also be well received


I don’t use my ISP’s DNS because it’s not very good. Cloudflare has a public DNS server you can use:


thanks, I’ll use it =)


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