DNS or Cache issues


I was subscribe on pro plan Cloudflare on my wordpress site (for fast uploads time), also use your plugin. Cloudfare help my site have fast uploading time, but I have one issue - users can’t create posts on site (button “send” stop working). This is critical issue, I cant 3 days fixed this is after I must was change nameserver Cloudflare on my hosting servernames for domain. After this is users can send posts on site, but site again have poor speed page uploading https:// pagespeed.web. dev/report?utm_source=psi&utm_medium=redirect&url=https%3A%2F%2Fkomsomolka.work%2Fru%2Fmoscow%2F

Im lwouls like use Cloudflare pro subscrube (now still active) but if you can help me activate Cloudflare for my site save fasr speed upload page/ And users can posted on site classifieds. This is possible?

My old ticket: Cant signin my account - #11 by user8688 here I was attached screenshots some DNS issues.

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