DNS only sub domain is proxied by CloudFlare

I have a cname setup, cdn.example.com with DNS only setup, which is new. Other records are all orange.

Generally in this case, cloudflare only affects URLs with orange clouds. However, the cdn cname record is also served via cloudflare network.

cdn.example.com files have the following headers:

cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
cf-ray: 550d8f9fdd0cdcce-SIN

I have always thought the DNS only setup completely bypasses cloudflare no matter what…

If your cname points to a target/host which is using Cloudflare then their Cloudflare settings would apply.

I don’t think BunnyCDN is using cloudflare. They have their own.

Would you mind telling us the domain?

Never used them, so I couldn’t say. However it seems unlikely that a :grey: cname entry would return a Cloudflare header unless it was pointed to Cloudflare. But without knowing the record in question not really anything else one can say.

I think I found why I see the cloudflare header on the DNS only record.

I’m using WP Rocket’s CDN rewrite feature, and this plugin is most probabaly rewriting /cdn-cgi/trace. To prove that url is not on cloudflare, SSL certs for this cdn subdomain is issued from Let’s Encrypt which is issued directly from the VPS the site is on.

Never used that either… nor do I have any idea why a 3rd party tool would do anything to cdn-cgi/trace which is a Cloudflare specific endpoint. And really not sure how a web request direct to origin if the record is actually :grey: could be impacted by that since the request wouldn’t pass through Cloudflare. But again without knowing the host name in question it’s not possible to say.

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