DNS only - reserved IP

I am trying to give a DNS to a Ubuntu 18.04 server on a virtual machine.
I have set the IP address to the IPV4 address of the machine, but after the DNS I get the message DNS only - reserved IP, it is intended that it be :grey:.
The machine also does not have the DNS at its disposal.

What does this mean? and how can I possibly solve it?

You seem to want to assign a private IP address. That address cant be proxied nor routed over the Internet. You probably want to assign its public IP address instead.

How can I ensure that I can add a DNS to the machine as yet? I currently just use the IPV4 address of the Ubuntu 18.04 machine

Ensure? Simply specify the public IP address of that host. If it doesnt have such an address there is little point in adding it to Cloudflare in the first place.

Is that just the network IP address that the machine uses? (my own IP address)

Your VPS host should have assigned an IP address to that virtual machine. Which host are you using?

I use virtual machine, I am my own host at the moment
Im using virtualbox

Which IP do you want to assign?

Again, that will be a private address which you cant use on Cloudflare and there also is little point in adding it.

As I mentioned, that is a private address. There is little point in adding that to Cloudflare in the first place.


These are the settings of the machine Make available to other users

If you want the public to access that host, you cannot use that address but must use whatever public address is assigned to the router, modem, whatever you have. That will also include port forwarding most likely.

Unfortunately that topic is way beyond the scope of the forum here and you should take the question to e.g. StackExchange.

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I currently have the network on Bridged Adapter, do I have to move it to NAT?

Sorry to continue on this, but I have already visited several forms that they always refer me to

Whether bridged or NAT really depends on your network.

But again, that is not Cloudflare related, so better for StackExchange and the like.

Okey thanks

Just a suggestion here, but it’d be best to use the localhost address for your server instead of using the address assigned by your router.