(DNS ONLY) Option is not working

My (DNS ONLY) Option in DNS setting is not working, after changing to dns only it still proxy through cloudflare one of my subdomain. Actually i don’t want to proxy this subdomain it’s been 15 hours i turned off proxy,
my other subdomain and domain is working perfectly i mean when i turn off proxy it’s show’s me my server IP and when i turned on proxy it show’s me cloudflare IP which is okay.
Problem is only 1 subdomain.
My domain register is cloudflare.
I purge the cache but no result.
Only work when i pause the cloudflare but that’s not what I want.
domain is: svr1.hasalat.com
Hope you understand.

Problem is Solved.
It was my mistake because i also have ipv6 for my vps and i proxy my ipv6 through cloudflare, now i see and turned off proxy, everything is working good :+1:

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If you mean the Cloudflare cache, that will do nothing on your DNS Only subdomain. Only :orange: proxied hostnames can use Cloudflare security and performance features.

I am seeing your server IP returned on that DNS Only hostname. I also see a response from your nginx server when testing with curl.

Visiting that hostname in my browser loads the default HestiaCP Under Construction page, and port 2083 presents the HestiaCP login. I keep my public HestiaCP access behind Cloudflare for both sites and management.

So that we may better assist you, can you explain more clearly what actual problem is that you are hoping to solve?

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