Dns only for my domains. Block

I need to block countries to deny access to the websites that I delegate to my dns.
I created in “Firewall Rules” the rules to block the countries I wish to block.
I have created the dns in the dns area of Cloudflare (gray cloud) to point the dns to the ips of my servers.
I have dozens of domains pointing to these dns.
My query is: am I blocking in this way that my domains can be accessed from blocked countries?
Can I see that they are still accessing the domains from the blocked countries?
Could someone tell me if I need to take any more steps? Or if I need a particular Cloudflare plan to do this?
Or at least if this what I want to do is possible? That is, block countries based on the delegation of dns with dns configured in Cloudflare.

From already thank you very much.

Blocking countries via DNS is not possible with Cloudflare, the country block only works if you use the proxy/orange cloud your domain :orange:.

Thank you.
Could I activate orange cloud in dns? In that way would the block work?

Orange cloud proxies all traffic through the CF network and will also provide other benefits like ddos protection, IP reputation blocking, etc. See below for how CF works:

CF uses GeoIP to know an IP’s country of origin, and will prevent any requests from going to your server if it’s a country you decide to block.

I’m not sure if a DNS can be activated as cloud orange.
Since a dns points to an ip server. If I change the dns to cloud orange the dns begins to point to another ip of CF and there the domains pointed to those dns would stop working.
That would be my main doubt. Thank you.

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