DNS only CNAME records not working for Constant Contact email verification

I have added two CNAME records to the domain ediemartinglass.com for Constant Contact email verification. They are for 100._domainkey.dkim1.ccsend.com content and 200._domainkey.dkim2.ccsend.com.

This also required adding a _dmarc TXT record v=DMARC1; p=none;

The A records are set as Proxied (orange cloud icon) for Proxy status.

The CNAME records are set as DNS only (gray cloud icon) for Proxy status.

The TXT DMARC record for Constant Contact is set as DNS only for PRoxy status.

I have also deleted an old MailChimp TXT record that is no longer in use.

There is a CNAME record md02 I don’t remember adding for cakemail, and have left that for now.

After 72 hours, Constant Contact is still showing that “Expected CNAME” was not found. The DigitalOcean DNS Lookup tool is also continuing to show the MailChimp TXT Record.

I need help to resolve this issue and verify my domain ownership with Constant Contact. Thank you

Assuming the CNAMEs were for selectors ctct1 and ctct2 as here…

…they aren’t showing (this check does check ctct1 and ctct2)…

Can you show a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS settings?

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At the bottom I can see one of the nameservers is destiny, but grace and pablo are the two nameservers set at the registrar…

If you have deleted and re-added the domain to Cloudflare within an account, or have added it to a new account, you need to change the nameservers at your registrar to the two on that screen.

I will update the nameservers. Thank you for your help with recognizing that issue

Hi, I am having the same issue. My nameservers are correct with my domain host. Here is a screenshot of my Cloudflare settings. Any suggestions? Thanks! Jen

Your DKIM (CNAMETXT) and DMARC records resolve ok…

What problem are you having?

Your mail and autodiscover subdomains should probably be set to “DNS only” instead of proxied.
www.test will give an SSL error as the Universal SSL only supports one level of subdomain. To support that you will need to use Advanced Certificate Manager.

Constant Contact is still telling me “Expected CNAME ctct2._domainkey.lamayeshe.com was not found. If you have already entered the CNAME record with your DNS provider, make sure it matches the expected results.” (Says the same for ctct1…) Perhaps I just need to wait longer?
Thank you for the other suggestions, I will make those changes.

We have a Cloudflare account, but our domain registration is not directly with Cloudflare. Adding email verification there was not working.

Instead, the webhost is the registrar, and they have set up domain registration through their own connection to Cloudflare. To resolve the issue, the webhost has now added Constant Contact email verification.

I contacted Constant Contact and they let me know that everything was ready to enable self-authentication, so now I’m all set. Thanks to all who replied.

I am also having this issue, but the nameservers are set correctly. Could it be the multiple DMARC tags? I do believe we will need both, can they be combined into one? Thank you for your help!

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