DNS - on subdomain "A" ok but "NS" is empty

I created a subdomain to my site.

When checking the dns on “foo.com”, both “A” and “NS” are ok (ns pointing to cloudflare).

However when checking the dns on “sub.foo.com”, the “NS” is empty. So the subdomain is not reachable.

Does anyone know why this happens or know where to look so I can fix it and get the subdomain online?

That sub domain doesn’t need an NS record unless you want to delegate DNS to another server. Otherwise, it just needs the same type of A or CNAME record as the main domain or www subdomain.


Because it is not a sub-domain. It is a regular record/label of your actual domain (which actually is just a record/label of .com).

As @sdayman already said you only need an NS record here if you want to use “sub” as actual domain.

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