DNS on Mac continually breaking

I had and set as my DNS on my Router and my Mac but for some reason only my Mac (not my Windows laptop or iPhone) would over the last few days lose access to the internet and stop resolving. Intranet was still fine. Mac showed it was still connected to Wifi and reported no issues, however when I ran diagnostics it reported DNS resolving issues. I have since changed my router and Mac to use my ISP DNS as a test and so far no issues with internet failing. Not sure why or what is going on but it’s affecting my Mac only?

I did a reinstall of MacOS as well but that had no affect, actually the issue increased since then. I just wanted to see if I could get some more information if this was a known issue or anything really at all? I have been using your DNS ever since it was released for public use and have had no issues with it up until now!

MacOS 10.15.4

I have my Mac set for and and haven’t had issues.

Next time you’re using, give this a try:
And see what the connection status is.