DNS-O-MATIC Update Error


On daily bases I use Cloudflare as my DNS Solution for all my clients domains.
I found me self with a request from one of my clients to setup a DDNS service for a Security Camera system.
so I stared reading about Cloudflare and DNS-O-MATIC possibility to get this done.

Followed the steps on:

and I get an error

Cloudflare details:
Errors requiring your attention
err More than 1200 requests per 300 seconds reached. Please wait and consider throttling your request speed (10100)
History, Dec 10, 2017 11:38 pm, ERROR, Dec 10, 2017 11:27 pm, ERROR, Dec 10, 2017 10:57 pm, ERROR, Dec 10, 2017 10:40 pm, ERROR
close window

I’m updating OpenDNS and NO-IP to test and they are working fine, I’m just having problems with Cloudflare,
any ideas?

I did look around for some DDNS and DNSOMATIC before starting this new topic. sorry if its old and boring for all! :smiley:

It sounds like DNS-O-MATIC is performing way too many updates per second. Is there a way to throttle it down to once every minute or so? There’s no reason to update DNS multiple times per minute.

I don’t see a way to change the timer.

I read up on DNS-O-Matic and see that there’s a variety of client software packages to choose from. Which software are you using?

dd-wrt, I can update all other services within the dns-o-matic account,


This may be an issue DNS-O-Matic could help you with. At this point, I’ve no experience with this particular service. I manually push my DNS updates via a shell script that uses Curl to connect to Cloudflare’s API, but it only happens once every fifteen minutes.

I see that the dd-wrt software (at least on an old screenshot) has a Forced Update Interval, but it’s in the range of days…not minutes or seconds.

Does that History note give some indication of how often your updates are getting pushed to Cloudflare? How does the History for Cloudflare compare with the History of the other two services?

this is an issue with Cloudflare.

Did you ever get this resolved? i am having the same issue. looks like Cloudflare is seeing alot of traffic from DNS O Matic and rather seeing it coming from your DNS 0 Matic account it sees it coming from DNS O Matic servers and because the amount of people using it, it thinks we are spamming Cloudflare.

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Still an issue. Is there any update?