DNS-O-Matic still updating wrong record (accidentally?)

Same issue as here, I think: Dynamic DNS Problem With DNS-O-Matic Today - Anyone else?

It updates the record I have specified in dns-o-matic, but it’s also touching one of my other domains, an A record.

Does anyone have any update on this issue? Getting tired of coming in and fixing the wrongly updated record.

Same here for months now. It’s updating the wrong record on a totally different domain.

Cloudflare support was really engaged to help but i couldn’t proof that I used the correct settings even though there’s not much to set up. DNS-o-Matic was constantly updating the wrong record within the wrong zone. And I tried restricted API Keys as well as the global one. They asked me to contact Cisco Support. But it’s non existent.

I did not follow up because i no longer rely on that record. My v4 IP changes every x weeks Up to months and v6 is static.

I just signed up, seeing the same problem. I guess I’ll switch to updating via ddclient…

I’ve also been trying to use dnsomatic to update cloudflare. After lots of testing this is what appears to be happening.

It doesn’t matter what host or domain you set in dnsomatic. Cloudflare will always update the value of the first DNS record that it finds on the first domain on the account.

Looking at the logs on dnsomatic it is sending the right information (may not be in the right format) to cloudflare. Looking at the audit logs for cloudflare show that a completely different thing is happening.

As an example I have the com, net, org for a domain. I’m trying to update an address on the .net domain. dnsomatic shows it sent the information for the host and domain correctly. However the audit logs on cloudflare show that it tries to update the mx record (first host found) on the .com domain (first domain found).

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So, that is close to what I see… I do see dns-o-matic updating the record I specify, but it’s ALSO updating as you say, the first site in my list, the first DNS record within that site.

I’ve since created a specific API key for JUST updating the one domain, but my IP hasn’t changed since then so I’m not sure if that will resolve.

This would seem to be a cloudflare issue if it’s ignoring what dns-o-matic tells it…

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