DNS-O-Matic and CF

So I’m sure I’m just missing something or making a silly mistake. But I can’t get DNS-O-Matic to update any of my Cloudflare domain IP. I found this guide which tells me to do the following:

  • Email:
  • API Token:
  • Domain: <example.com>
  • Hostname: dynamic

I am just not sure if the “hostname” literally is supposed to be “dynamic” or what? I set that up in DNSOMATIC and it never updates. Do I need any custom DNS records for my domain to get DDNS to work? Lets say that I have this:

server.mydomain.com that I want to DDNS to my IP ( that changes on a regular basis. what DNS records do I need to get all of this to work? I have an A record for domain.com and home.domain.com and CNAMEs for the service subdomains plex.domain.com pointing to home.domain.com. But nothing gets updated. Thank you for your help!


Following your example, if you want a dynamic IP for server.mydomain.com you should put this there:
Domain: mydomain.com
Hostname: server

I was checking the forum here and I found this post, you might find interesting:

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I did see that post during my google crawl on this issue. But I did manage to at least fix my issue. I did get a client that was at least able to give me some error codes (Marcs Updater) and I kept getting BADAUTH. So even though my account details worked to log me into my DOM account I did a password reset to a new PW and BAM it started working. Something weird was out of sync with dnsomatic.

But this was to just one domain (sub1.mydomain.com). Now I need to find out how to update multiple subdomains for each domain.

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