Dns-o-matic 81058 Error during update of A record


I’m using Cloudflare to manage the DNS for my domain… I have two A records within the domain set for a TTL of 5 minutes and those two records are for a dynamic host and has always been updated via DNS-O-Matic when it changes. Starting on 3/13, Cloudflare started returning the following error when DNS-O-Matic attempts to update them:
" CloudFlare response for ‘(host)’ err A record with those settings already exists. (81058)"

It seems to be limited to DNS-O-Matic because if I disable those two hosts from DNS-O-Matic and instead create two direct update entries on my gateway device to Cloudflare, they update without issue. Did something change in regards to DNS-O-Matic updates to Cloudflare?



I have my own script that uses the API to update a dynamic address, and it’s still working.

Have you asked DNS-O-Matic about this?


Currently use the DDNS plugin of OPNSense on my router to update. If I update directly to Cloudflare, it succeeds. I may just keep it that way as it appears Cisco has turned the Open DNS community forums into something requiring a paid Cisco Umbrella account.