Dns-o-matic 81058 Error during update of A record

I’m using Cloudflare to manage the DNS for my domain… I have two A records within the domain set for a TTL of 5 minutes and those two records are for a dynamic host and has always been updated via DNS-O-Matic when it changes. Starting on 3/13, Cloudflare started returning the following error when DNS-O-Matic attempts to update them:
" Cloudflare response for ‘(host)’ err A record with those settings already exists. (81058)"

It seems to be limited to DNS-O-Matic because if I disable those two hosts from DNS-O-Matic and instead create two direct update entries on my gateway device to Cloudflare, they update without issue. Did something change in regards to DNS-O-Matic updates to Cloudflare?


I have my own script that uses the API to update a dynamic address, and it’s still working.

Have you asked DNS-O-Matic about this?

Currently use the DDNS plugin of OPNSense on my router to update. If I update directly to Cloudflare, it succeeds. I may just keep it that way as it appears Cisco has turned the Open DNS community forums into something requiring a paid Cisco Umbrella account.

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I have a related issue with DNS-O-Matic that also began on 13Mar that has been driving me mad, seems like quite the coincidence. My issue is a bit more bizarre.

DNS-O-Matic (confirmed via Cloudflare audit log IP address) has been updating a Dyn DNS A entry, daily, on my cloudfare account. The domain that is being updated [Domain 1] isn’t even on the DNS-O-Matic account. The domain [Domain 2] that is listed on DNS-O-Matic is on my same Cloudflare account. [Domain 1] is being updated with the IP of [Domain 2]'s dynamic DNS. I cannot comprehend how this happened. My setup has worked for years, with no change, up until 13Mar…

Have you contacted DNS-O-Matic? If they have your API Key, they probably grab the Zone ID of the domain you’re updating so they can change that entry.

But if they’re grabbing the wrong Zone ID, they’re doing the wrong thing.

How about deleting and re-adding your domain setup at DNS-O-Matic? Maybe that will refresh its process.

Yes, contacted DNS-O-Matic after posting reply yesterday. Haven’t heard anything back yet. I’ll report back here if they reply with anything helpful.

Yesterday I just disabled the DNS-O-Matic that was causing the issues, and today is the first day without issue. So seem to have isolated the issue. I’m going to delete and re-add the entry today, as you suggested. I’ll see if the issues is still there.

After deleting the DNS-O-Matic entry and re-adding, I manually ran an update in my client and had the same issue as before.

I dont mean to be rude – but do you think you can start your own topic on this? I mean if you are getting the same 81058 error message that I’m getting during an update, thats fine – but it sounds like your issue is different than the problem I’m having.

At any rate, I opened up a support ticket with OpenDNS about it. If I hear back, I’ll post what they had to say.

Issue seems to have been resoloved (kinda). Now my two separate domains with their own DDNS keep trying to update the one domain causing a “record already exists error” even though the hostname is different and correct.

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