DNS NS settings not resolving

Hello Cloudflare support!

I would like to register a complaint about the resolution of my organization’s domain
Africanentrepreneurcollective.org (see the attached screenshot) is taking too long to resolve with Cloudflare servers.

Our Domain AEC indicated above was originally with Dreamhost, and Cloudflare servers were assigned automatically by the recovery-registrar name Bright, who took over registration after it expired and went dormant for a while. We re-registered it with NameBright. Is it your DNS servers or NameBright’s (our registrar’s) DNS servers that are slow and causing us problems by not resolving our MX records? .This is to enable the delivery and sending of our Google Workspace emails from Africanentrepreneurcollective.org. It is very frustrating, and is this an indicator for returning to Dreamhost, where our concerns appear to have been addressed after the 29-day transfer block period?

Hi there,
We are sorry to hear the issue you are having.
It looks like Africanentrepreneurcollective.org is registered with namebright.com as you mentioned.

Domain Name: africanentrepreneurcollective.org

Registry Domain ID: 686f62beaf5d4fc58062a98dd015976a-LROR

Registrar WHOIS Server: http://whois.namebright.com

Registrar URL: http://www.NameBright.com

Updated Date: 2023-07-03T03:13:48Z

Creation Date: 2023-06-25T15:15:31Z

Registry Expiry Date: 2024-06-25T15:15:31Z

Registrar: DropCatch.com 1191 LLC

You need to change nameservers at your registrar in order to activate your domain on Cloudflare.


Hi Yuri

I changed them at namebright (see attachment), but why is it taking more than one week for the Cloudflare platform to accept and make my site active to resolve our DNS settings?. We updated and purged even the mx records of namebright here in cloudflare

NS is still showing as the old ones @user81311

$ dig africanentrepreneurcollective.org NS
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 86400 IN NS	kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 86400 IN NS	liv.ns.cloudflare.com.


$ whois africanentrepreneurcollective.org | grep 'Name Server'
Name Server: kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com
Name Server: liv.ns.cloudflare.com

What shows on the NameServers tab?


As @anon9246926 said, old records are propagating. Secondly, in order to work with Google workspace, you need to add a assigned values set by Google workspace which seems to be missing. Check here:


I’m also seeing the old Cloudflare nameservers kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com and liv.ns.cloudflare.com, and not your new ones.

What’s more, the last update to the domain’s WHOIS information (which will include the nameserver update) was July 3rd, 2023, which is more than a month ago.

So if you indeed made the change within the one-week-ish period you mentioned, then that change is still stuck in your provider’s systems and hasn’t made its way to the global Internet yet.


But i updated here in the Cloudflare portal via your able community engineer guidance, and it makes me seem like a quack to my directors.I have updated.Please advice

I suggest contacting the registrar @user81311.

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I have done all i have been guided by the cloudflare engineers and NameBright support

I keyed in google email mx records so why is cloudflare asking me for AAA and CNAME records, which i also did to enable the cloudflare dns servers to make my site active both mx and dns records?

They exist in aragorn.ns.cloudflare.com and dorthy.ns.cloudflare.com

$ dig @aragorn.ns.cloudflare.com africanentrepreneurcollective.org MX
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 3600	IN MX	1 aspmx.l.google.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 3600	IN MX	10 alt3.aspmx.l.google.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 3600	IN MX	10 alt4.aspmx.l.google.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 3600	IN MX	10 mail1.namebrightmail.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 3600	IN MX	10 mail2.namebrightmail.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 3600	IN MX	5 alt1.aspmx.l.google.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 3600	IN MX	5 alt2.aspmx.l.google.com.

but as those nameservers are not in use the following records are returned as found in kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com and liv.ns.cloudflare.com

$ dig africanentrepreneurcollective.org MX
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 300 IN MX	10 mail1.namebrightmail.com.
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 300 IN MX	10 mail2.namebrightmail.com.

How i ask kindly how do i purge the namebright remaining records because the cloudflare -namebright contacts guided me i purged kaiser and liv.ns cloudflare servers in the namebright portal (see below).

@user81311 Its your registrar who needs to fix this issue. Kindly ask them to fix.


It seems you’re unwilling to accept what we’re all telling you.

No one here is doubting that you’ve done what you say you’ve done.

But no external tool is seeing the change you made. As I mentioned earlier, the last change visible happened on July 3rd. Even NameBright’s own PUBLIC WHOIS tool (not their internal tool) shows the old nameserver address and July 3rd last update date – and not the recent change you made: NameBright - WhoIs Lookup

This is something ONLY your registrar can technically fix. Any further time you spend here arguing is just prolonging how long it’ll take to have this fixed and your services restored.


I’m also curious @user81311 why, as the domain is already in Cloudflare, do you need to change the nameservers. Are you setting it up in a new Cloudflare account? If so, why are you not using the account that currently has this domain configured?


@anon9246926 It expired in 8th April 2023, and it went dormant for two months.The drop-catch namebright auction registrar tagged it after the 45–60-day expired internet domain period.I had to re-register it with them and pay the registration, but I want to shift everything, even the registration, to Cloudflare after the 29-day lock period of re-registration by domain regulator ICANN.

@anon9246926 domain registrar stated he has only registration and not the nameservers since they are pointed hosted at cloudflare.

Is the domain still active in another Cloudflare account?

Only here

That does me no good.

It is only active in one account then? That’s fine.

The domain is also active in NameBright DNS as well as all the aforementioned Cloudflare nameservers

$ dig @ns1.namebrightdns.com africanentrepreneurcollective.org
africanentrepreneurcollective.org. 10800 IN A

Something is royally stuffed. If the registrar can’t fix it, move the domain to another registrar.


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