Dns NS change not picked up (initial setup issue)

I have no problem with my 2 older domains. I tried to add a 3rd, changed the NS records as instructed in route53, they show up fine on my machine and but despite clicking « verify » multiple times in last 12h nothing changes in the status

I tripled checked I have the right ones

is there an outage or issue?
any tips on troubleshooting ?

(free tier)

I should specify (I don’t see an edit button to amend my post) that this is about the initial setup and move over of dns into cloudflare

edit: found the edit button

That’s not what the instructions say :wink:. You need to change it at your registrar, not your webhost.

What’s the domain?



Precisely what I referred to. You have not changed your nameservers you only created two NS records at your host.

nslookup -type=ns wowopenbox.com f.gtld-servers.net
Server:  UnKnown

wowopenbox.com  nameserver = ns-673.awsdns-20.net
wowopenbox.com  nameserver = ns-282.awsdns-35.com
wowopenbox.com  nameserver = ns-1861.awsdns-40.co.uk
wowopenbox.com  nameserver = ns-1459.awsdns-54.org

Remove these two records and change the nameservers at your registrar.

Thank you very much, you are right, I had changed the wrong spot (dns records instead of domain registration, both under route53)

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