DNS Not Working Properly


My DNS is directing to Cloudflare from Bluehost:

But a search on MXToolbox shows some weird A records that aren’t in Cloudflare.

FYI, this client used to have their site on SqareSpace, and there’s all kinds of weird stuff happening with the redirects there.

Also pictures keep disappearing, which started happening after moving from one Cloudflare account to another and thereby having to change over the DNS entries.

Anyone ever seen anything like this?

By the way the issue we’re having is that CNAME records are not being verified. We’re trying to connect to SendGrid, but the CNAME records cannot be verified.

Can you post a screenshot of the entire DNS screen here? I’d like to see all the DNS entries and the Name Servers below it.



DNS is working exactly as it should.

  • That domain is using Cloudflare’s Coby and Raegan name servers
  • The DNS record for jasonstrother.net is a CNAME for the quic.cloud CDN, which resolves to many different IP addresses because it’s a CDN. Because CNAMEs for root domains are not RFC compliant, Cloudflare “flattens” that CNAME and returns the IP address it resolves to in that region.
  • Testing the site globally returns the same content.
  • The Sendgrid CNAMEs should be DNS-Only (:grey:)

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That did it! Verified. Thanks sdayman!

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