DNS not working new to cloudflare

So I’m coming from namecheap where I had the hang of setting up DNS records. Today I bought a domain for my home server. I created an A record for @ and used my home IP. It’s been some hours and when I ping it I get a Cloudflare address back, not from Comcast. I’m pretty new to setting up DNS records and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong on Cloudflare. On namecheap all I had to do what just set the A record and I was good to go.

Perfect, that is the desired result. We’re hiding your origin IP to protect it from direct attacks.

It does not sound like anything wrong, share your domain name if you’d like a second set of :eyes: on your setup

Well i got it working by turning off the proxy setting and using “just DNS”. It’s not ideal as I would like to use Cloudflare features. I just turned proxy back on so once it up dates you can take a look. linuxmonkeyboxdotcom it seem like something in Cloudflare is not configured right as to what it is I’m at a loss

Is Cloudflare blocking ssh? is so how do I turn it off?

Got it working as in you can see your origin IP? That is also the expected behavior. When your A record is proxied :orange: a ping will return a cf IP address, that is the desired and expected result.

Warning about exposing your origin IP address via DNS records · Cloudflare Support docs.

Is the not working part wrt the 522 error on your site? If that is your firewall limiting the requests from cf IP, I’d restore visitor IP (:search: for that) and/or check your server logs to see if you can find the 522 in the logs, other ideas in this #CommunityTip

I’m not hosting a site just ssh access and in the future maybe FTP. My ssh client just times out. Is Cloudflare by default filtering ssh requests?

Ah, that came up recently and could be causing the issue

As discussed in that thread, rather than setting everything to :grey: the suggestion was to create a subdomain that’s set to :grey: so you can SSH to that hostname.

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