DNS not working after moving to Cloudflare


Hi Everyone,

I have started using cloud flare services for many of our websites. It works great! but one website seems not to work when I move DNS server to cloudflare, and I find the findings strange when I do a search here:

My domain is: homealarm.se

The domain I found in the search that has nothing to do with me is: homealert.se. NS RRSIG NSEC
I do not know if that is the reason the DNS is not resolving, but I found it strange that the other domain is there when I search.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.



Hello @jhh,

I see your zone activated and working properly through us, can you confirm that your issue has been solved?


Hello. I am facing same problem that I am not able to access my site. I got this error:

This site can’t be reached

ngima.me’s server DNS address could not be found.
My A record and NS both are not working. :frowning:


Answered your question directly on your post.