DNS not working 2

Im having this exact same issue! And If I open a ticket, they say DNS issue and point me here, just like your case. I’m not sure what to do. Have you figured anything out?

Any chance you could provide some more context about the issue?

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Sure thing!

The domain is goapex11 .com. I’ve added MX records according to NameCheaps specifications to use their email service, but it hasn’t resolved on Namecheaps side. (I can share a screenshot of the records, or is that something that shouldn’t be shared publicly?)

Also my www. version of apex11marketing .com is not redirecting to the non www. domain. And I have apexelevenmarketing .com and goapex11 .com redirecting straight to apex11marketing .com. None are doing what they should be.

Any advice would be great, thanks!!

(Sorry, I had to add a space in the domains because it wouldn’t let me share links here)

MX records seem ok (they have the same priority so maybe they don’t like that).

dig +short goapex11.com mx
10 mx2.privateemail.com.
10 mx1.privateemail.com.

goapex11.com doesn’t have any DNS records for the apex or www.

If it is just for use with a redirect, add a proxied DNS record for @ (and www if needed) pointing to A or AAAA 100::

www.apex11marketing.com isn’t proxied so to redirect from it, you’ll need to do the same as above. If the non-proxied IP address you just want to point to your hosting as it is set now, make sure your hosting is configured to answer for www.apex11marketing.com (right now, your hosting is returning 404 for it).

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