DNS not work with googleusercontent.com


I have created a DNS A record and point to IP
It’s working if I update my local DNS (windows hosts) file.
But I am not able browsing my site when I using cloudflare as Nameservers.
It’s doesn’t return any response or error code only with ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.
Any idea why?


What’s the domain?


It’s loading fine → sitemeer.com/#www.sunnytown.co.nz

Can you post the output of these commands?

ping sunnytown.co.nz
ping www.sunnytown.co.nz

But I guess you might have a DNS propagation issue and connect to the wrong address. In that case you should wait a bit.

Just make sure your encryption mode is “Full Strict”, to have a secure site and once your resolver updated you should be good to go.

I think your right, it’s DNS propagation issue.
It’s fully working now. Thanks!

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