DNS Not updating to new Hosts

Hi. I’m in the process of changing hosts and moving the first site to them.
I don’t want to move my Emails yet, which are on a different IP Address, but I want to move the Sites to the new host.

I believe I’ve pointed enough records last night to start things working, but so far it doesn’t look like it is. I wondered if anyone else knew what was wrong. The image shows what I have done and perhaps someone else can see where I’ve gone wrong, if i have of course. :slight_smile:

The site is www.registeryourappliance.uk

Your setup looks correct to me. I can see a WordPress site (the same if I resolve to your origin IP directly).

What is your expected outcome?

Thanks. with a few things folks have said here, I think this working now. I assume Grey Cloud on it’s own is best for all the setting? I’m still learning.

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