DNS not updating - Nationbuilder

I put in 5 nationbuilder DNS records to point votesue.org at my Nationbuilder website, but according to Nationbuilder nothing is updating. Please advise.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

If you would like the Community to advise, we need to know what records you created so we can help you test.

I think I figured out how to point the DNS at my website. But can someone please tell me what I put in the redirect rules page so that www.melvinwillis.com works in all the ways it should? Right now https://melvinwillis.com/ (without www.) doesn’t work, neither does http://www.melvinwillis.com/ without the s. And whatever else I’m supposed to do a 301 for in normal practice. Thanks.

This doesn’t work either melvinwillis.com

Try using this guide. Substitute your domain name for example.com, naturally.

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