DNS not updating May 17 2021

This is the first time I have ever seen this issue. We created a couple CNAMES 15 minutes ago. * Note not proxied DNS only

Neither resolves for me:
dig hs1-9368801._domainkey.comsearch.org
dig @ hs1-9368801._domainkey.comsearch.org

Usually these updates on new names are almost immediate.

Update: If we toggle the setting to “proxied” it resolves to Cloudflare addresses. But thats not what we want, just a straight cname is desired like 20 or so others we have.

When we set it back to non proxied it vanishes.

Oddly enough, it resolves as a TXT record. As it’s a DKIM key, have you run your domain through something like dmarcian.com to see if everything really is ok?

Thank you for your reply. When I pasted the name into the dns I didn’t notice that it had a dot in it. Since we don’t have a subdomain called “_domainkey” I’m thinking this isn’t even a valid entry. Oddly enough, if I click the cloudflare proxy flag it will resolve immediately to a presumably cloudflare address, which is how I started down the rabbit hole.

Where I am now quite confused is, when I look at my existing dkim records with “._domainkey” they are all TXT and work fine.

This one was supplied by a vendor (hubspot) but they specifically asked for a CNAME, which cloudflare is ignoring.

But based on your reply I tried: dig -t TXT hs1-9368801._domainkey.comsearch.org

And now realize it does resolve that way! So now I am thinking this is just the expected behavior with CNAME flattening?, since this does indeed point to some DKIM text?

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