DNS Not Updating in Cloudflare When Trying to Move From Kajabi to Squarespace

My domain harvester.academy is registered at Cloudflare. It was pointing at a website hosted at Kajabi. However, I deleted the Kajabi site and moved the site to Squarespace. Although I have updated DNS at Cloudflare, the DNS entries are not propagating and the harvester.academy continues to point to the old DNS entries. What am I missing? What do I need to do to get Cloudflare to update it’s DNS to point to Squarespace?

Why you need 4 A records for cloudflarecontent.com
If you have IP Server at Squarespace, you should change 2 IMPORTANT records: root domain record and www subdomain record.

  • Root domain record (which name you enter @) should point to
  • www subdomain should create a Cname record and alias it to root record.

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