DNS not updating from Clickfunnels

Previously my page is hosted by Clickfunnel.

When I moved to Cartnetics, I changed 
A record to `34. 68. 234. 4`
and CNAME of w w w to `flash. funnels. msgsndr. com`

After 3 days, i thought the DNS should have propagated.

But the w w w version works while the non-www version redirects to Clickfunnels.

So I deleted the A Record and created another CNAME of yogacoach.com to point to flash. funnels. msgsndr. com

So there's two CNAME:
w w w and root domain

But still non-www is not working. It redirects still to Clickfunnels site.

Thanks for your help.

You need to ask clickfunnels to completely remove your domain. It’s related to this same issue with shopify

A :search: here has more details, this has come up before, My Domain Still Redirecting to Clickfunnels.com? How to stop redirection - #2 by sdayman

Let us know how it goes with clickfunnels

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thanks! but www version is working fine. only the non-www so i set a page rule to overcome this but it’s not working either. this is page rule setting:

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