DNS not updating after removing zone


I had a zone/website with Cloudflare. I removed it as I am migrating to Shopify, but the DNS records are not updating and still showing as they’re coming from Cloudflare. It’s been more than three hours.

Checked dnschecker and it looks like the records are not updating anywhere.
Is it an issue of time or might it be something else?

Also tried flushing, but it didn’t do anything.




Your domain is still using Cloudflare nameservers

Yes, that’s what I was saying. What I am trying to find out is why.

Because you have not changed the nameservers.

You need to remove the Cloudflare nameservers at your domain registrar.

Domain Name: konservaria.ro
Registered On: 2021-08-11
Expires On: 2023-08-11
Registrar: Romarg SRL
Referral URL: www.inregistrare-domenii.ro

DNSSEC: Inactive

Nameserver: rafe.ns.cloudflare.com
Nameserver: ruben.ns.cloudflare.com

Domain Status: OK

Please read the topic again while paying attention

You seem not to have paid attention.

Your domain is still using Cloudflare nameservers, hence they will still respond. If you have dropped the domain from Cloudflare, Cloudflare will still respond for some time and eventually the whole domain will not work.

You need to change your nameservers, dropping the domain from Cloudflare does not do anything.

I also changed the nameservers. I checked it again now and it does show cloudflare ns. Tried to change it again, and after saving the changes it automatically goes back to cloudflare ns for some reason.

You didn’t as evident from the previously posted link. You need to change your nameservers at your registrar and as long as you don’t do that your domain is using Cloudflare. If there is anything unclear contact your registrar.

If you claim you did, then you still need to contact your registrar, as you need to clarify with them why that change did not work. This issue is not Cloudflare related.

It is unclear what you are trying to do. You mention that you are moving to Shopify. That would not require you to change nameservers. You would simply update your DNS records to those provided by Shopify. You may need to set them to :grey: DNS Only for them to work correctly with Shopify. Shopify use Cloudflare for SaaS.

If you are trying to move to another DNS provider, you need to make that change at your domain registrar.

I would say it should be clear. The OP said he dropped the domain from Cloudflare and changed the nameservers. The latter is either not true or the registrar did not follow through with the change.

In any case, it’s not something for Cloudflare.

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Yes, Sandro is right. I wasn’t even thinking about nameservers anymore as I did the changes (the registrar quickly fixed the issue of the ns not updating). I was just wondering why the old Cloudflare records are still there after removing them.

Thank you, it is solved.

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