DNS Not updated!

I have just created a new sub-domain within the Crazy domain.

After added an A record in the Cloudflare for 2 days, the IP address still pointed to the old address.

I have cleared all the caches, still no luck!

Any ideas of what should I do to get my DNS A record update in Cloudflare?

If that DNS entry is set to :orange:, it’s not going to change, as that’s the frontend IP address at Cloudflare. If you’d like more specific information, post the subdomain name.

thanks for your reply, this is my sub-domain https://promo.zipzipe.com/


That’s certainly returning Cloudflare IP addresses. Those won’t change. I can move my domain from web host to web host, but my Cloudflare account won’t change. Neither will my Cloudflare IP addresses, no matter how many times I update the “A” records for my :orange: DNS entries.

I’m getting a 403 error for the promo subdomain. If you do want to test it out, change that DNS entry to :grey: and see if it works. Just give DNS 5 minutes to propagate after a :orange:/:grey: switch. :grey: will also show you what should be the updated IP address.

I can see that it works when I turn off, and it pointed back to the original hosting IP address.
However, in this way, I am not using Cloudflare.

As soon as I turn it on, the IP address pointed to Cloudflare, but my website show 403.

Do you know how to fix this?

The usual SSL issue.


The 403 comes straight from your server. Your server listens on port 443, however does not have a valid certificate for your domain (plus this hostname), and is generally not configured to serve your site via HTTPS but returns the 403 instead.

You should contact your host to get that configuration fixed and a proper certificate installed and switch the SSL mode on Cloudflare to “Full strict” (right now you must be on the less secure “Full”).

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