DNS not updated after `72h

Who.is shows that my domain dns points to cloudflare.

DNS propagation checker shows no entries

id 14463, opcode QUERY, rcode SERVFAIL, flags QR RD RA
pekalski.com. IN MX

Actuallly none of the serveral domains I moved to Cloudflare’s DNS works, but let’s try to fix the issue with one of them.

You appear to have set random Cloudflare nameservers.

You first need to add your domain to Cloudflare and only then set the nameservers assigned to your domain.

Right now it won’t work.

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My domain was added to cloudflare and I’ve been assigned those two servers (see the creen below) that I’ve changed at the company where I registered my domain.

Can you post a full page screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/pekalski.com/dns/records?

That’s not a full page screenshot I am afraid.

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Whare are you looking for?

I pretty much only need MX records, as I only use email with this domain.

As mentioned you set the wrong nameservers, it mentions lamar and laura.

Someone must have changed something on cloudflare’s side because I’ve been given coleette and john before. I still had an old tab opened so I took a screenshot. On the left the old tab, on the right refreshed page which I used to take the screenshot above.

I cannot comment on that, however you always need to configure what is shown in the dashboard.

However, lamar does not resolve the domain either. Did you drop it from Cloudflare?

Looks like I removed the domain by accident, that’s why the DNS server changed, just got an email with topic:

## [Cloudflare]: pekalski.com has been deleted

The current configuration is pointing to lamar and laura.

So you do have the domain right now on Cloudflare and Cloudflare gives you lamar and laura?

Yes, I have the domain at Cloudflare and it gave me lamar and laura. I had to update with with my domain registrar, so it may still take a while as that one is still pointing to john and colette.

Then it may be an issue with your domain setup on Cloudflare.

You could either contact support and have them have a look at it, but I doubt they will respond before mid next week. Alternatively, you could export your current DNS entries, drop the domain from Cloudflare, wait two hours, re-add the domain, and import said DNS entries. That would hopefully fix the setup, if not, you’ll still need support.

Until the domain is validated by the nameservers matching, Cloudflare won’t put the records into the DNS.

(You could query any nameserver for the records once the domain is in and validated, or even just @ns.cloudflare.com, but obviously to stay in the user’s nameservers must match those required).

That is not correct, the domain will still resolve on the given nameservers, which it currently does not.

How does Cloudflare prevent a domain from working then if I just set 2 random nameservers as the OP has done? All domains on Cloudflare can be looked up in all the nameservers (since they aren’t “real” anyway)…

dig +short origin-test.net @fred.ns.cloudflare.com
dig +short origin-test.net @john.ns.cloudflare.com
dig +short origin-test.net @woz.ns.cloudflare.com
dig +short origin-test.net @ns.cloudflare.com

[Edit: Just tried it and, apologies to @Sandro, I am wrong. I thought I’d checked before with a different result. The nameservers do only return unproxied information even if set to proxied during this time.]

We are not discussing here if domains work on all nameservers or not but whether a domain will resolve on the assigned nameservers or not. It does, but it does not with the domain of the OP, which suggests an issue.

Let’s please not confuse the OP :slight_smile:

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