DNS not update in cloudflare

Hi I trying to add a new site to Cloudflare its ask me to: Complete your nameserver setup

I did it and we are after 2 weeks but still this message you can see here that it was changed:

What can be the problem? I also tried to take it off from cloudflare and add again, two things are was wired, first he still show me the first image and second the site was still working and not should be ( After i delete from Cloudflare I just wait 40m before add it again)

Thanks for any help

.au says you haven’t updated your WHOIS records at your registrar.

It is a little wired because some checks show that this DNS was updated

Hi @ofirkobrman,

It looks like you have changed the NS records at your DNS provider and not the authoritative nameservers with your domain registrar.

You can check with your registrar if you’re not sure how to do this.


Doesn’t matter. As long as your registrar doesn’t show the correct name servers, I wouldn’t count on anything working reliably. Until you can get https://whois.auda.org.au/ to show the right name servers, there’s nothing we can help with.