DNS not sure duplicated, cant enter web

Is there someone that can advise? Do I delete this Cloud flare account or what? See images of present screenshots. I can’t get to web address/domain hosted by GoDaddy that is forwarded to Weebly that host website frontiereyes.weebly.com
Frontiereyes.co.za entry gives me the following page. The Godaddy name host forward to frontiereyes.weebly(.com)
Page with info ## 404

Error - Page Not Found

Please check the URL.

Otherwise, frontiereyes.weebly.com to be redirected to the homepage.
Not sure If I duplicated Cloudflare request looking at DNS server that I changed but show 4 DNS address at Godaddy that doe snot allow me the option to change DNS again or delete

My Godaddy DNS info I will paste

Then DNS it has 4 cloud server DNS servers I don’t find to change
all 4 is cloudflare
|Nameserver|IP Address|


So what are the options getting this sorted? please!

DNS management for frontiereyes.co.za info is gone, A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that . I deleted and then tried to register it again. The DNS servers ds not renew so i had four at GoDaddy. Now back to two but all A, AAAA, or CNAME record gone. so frontiereyes.co.za does not work. It is forwarded from GoDaddy to weeble.com, https://frontiereyes.weebly.com/
Can someone help?

Hi @arnorabie,

Do you have any records showing up under DNS in your Cloudflare dashboard? If not, you will need to create the ones you need there.

There is nothing. I do realise there need to be. When used Cloudflare first time it was created. I had a problem deleted Cloudflare for this frontiereyes.co.za. Tried doing it again and second time there was nothing. I hoped someone could give a template where I could then just change my web detail.

I need to note also, that might make this complicated that from the beginning I did not see the lock to be secure. This is why I tried from the beginning. Key here is Godaddy forward the to weeble that is hosting my web. Godaddy already has cloudflare servers indicated by cloudflare.

My sight not working, was told to do it manually? Godaddy to weebly hosting frontiereyes.co.za?

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