DNS not revolving to domain name

My website address is The domain name is kidsforcash.org. It does not resolve. I don’t want to read anymore articles. What do I do.

I have added in Namecheap (see screenshot)
NS marjory.ns.cloudflare.com
NS vin.ns.cloudflare.com

It resolves, but it is stuck in a redirect loop.

Do you have SSL/TLS set to Full (Strict) in the Cloudflare dashboard?

No its set to Flexible.

Should it be set to Full (Strict)

Give that a try.

First you need to install a valid certificate on your server. Right now you only have a self-signed certificate which has also expired.

I believe I checked that yesterday with ‘curl’ to the origin and it was valid. :thinking:

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I retract the self-signed :slight_smile:, it actually is an LE certificate however it’s still expired.

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On cloudflare you can create a certificate and use their SSL under the Full option right? https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000479507

Correct. You can install a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate in cPanel and on servers. With that, you can use Full (Strict) mode.

@sdayman already covered everything, just to stress that it should be “Full strict”, not “Full”. The latter does not verify the certificate and is not really secure.

Thank you so much @sdayman for prompt and precise answers. I am going to create Cloudflare Origin CA certificate and install it on the server and try out Full (Strict) SSL option. If I have any questions I’ll reach out to you.

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Stuck with Step 2 - Installing Origin CA Cert https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000479507

Are you using cPanel?

If not, which host and plan are you using?

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