DNS not retrieving any information

I already pointed 2 websites from hostgator to Cloudflare.com and it’s working very well
but the 3rd one not retrieving the Data or MX records or DNS and i’m sure i did everything correct from my side but what else i can do my website now it’s not working

What’s the domain?


That domain seems to be properly set up.

Yes i know it’s properly setup and sure 100% properly setup in my cPanel and i contacted the live support on my cPanel and everything is correct … So why is this error ??
Please go to https://www.kitykat.net and you’ll understand what i mean
Really thank you for your effort with me

Well, thats the point :slight_smile: There is no error, the site loads. Not extremely fast but it loads.

Yes now it’s working thank you all so much it was just a matter of time :slight_smile:

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